Shower Doors

Shower doors and tub enclosures come in two basic styles and glass options. It is usually a matter of personal preference for both. Glass can be clear or obscured and styles can be "frameless" and "framed" with frame around the glass and opening (for protection). Naturally there are choices for the finish - bright gold, bright silver, white and brushed nickle.

As far as repairs of sliding tub and shower doors is concerned, if your doors are hard to slide we can replace the wheels on the top. That will make a nice difference for you.

Here are some of the new door features:

  • All our shower and tub enclosures have stainless steel screws to prevent rust.
  • Sliding shower and tub doors have easy-to-clean open style bottom track design.
  • Color coordinated glazing vinyl on framed doors
  • Standard and custom sizes and configurations available
  • Continuous magnetic jamb on framed hinged doors
  • Ball bearing rollers for sliding tub and shower enclosures

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