Closet Doors and Room Dividers

"What a difference my new sliding door makes! My old closet door was heavy and hard to move, and my new door rolls smoothly and quietly. I could surely kick myself for not replacing my old door sooner.

----- Elizabeth Worthington, Rossmore

One of the best ways to change the look and feel of your home is with new closet doors. It is very cost effective way to bring a change to your home.There are many styles, colors and other options to choose from. (For example triple track, with which you can have 2/3 of your closet available at any time, opposed to 1/3 with a regular 3 panel set-up).

The best approach is to assess every home individually, with regards to intended use, space and desired effect. We can certainly help you make a choice that you will enjoy using.

Sliding closet doors can give you years of trouble free use. Rollers have to be changed if it is hard to move. On the other hand if you are really struggling with it, then you might need a new track on the bottom. If you have a top-hung wood doors, we can install heavy duty track and roller system that will NOT come of the track.

In some cases repair is not possible or installing a new doors seems more prudent. Whether it is repair or installation of your closet doors, we are confident that you will like our service and products. Here are just some of the choices available for new wardrobe doors:

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